Newly married Osi Umenyiora’s alleged side chick puts him on blast on instagram


My attention was called to a newly opened instagram page by a woman who claims to be the lover of newly married NFL player, Osi Umenyiora. Osi and Leila Lopez (Miss Universe 2011) got married in Angola on Friday and yesterday and just hours later, an anonymous instagram page was opened by a scorned ex-lover, who released text messages she claims Osi sent to her as early as last week.

She is obviously very bitter to go to the extent of sharing these alleged text message online but I’m sorry to say, I have no sympathy for this lady. Osi has been with Leila Lopez since 2012. They got engaged in February 2013…so she was aware he was in a relationship. What did she expect, that he dump Leila for her? Most men have side-chicks. Especially men like this. Isn’t he an NFL player? Rappers, sports men, most of them always keep women on the side…if you decide that’s all you’re worth and want to be one, then by all means be one, but stay on your lane. Why try to ruin a marriage that only just began? Men play these games. They will tell you what you want to hear so they can continue to have free side meals. You are the one who is supposed to grow some pride and walk away if you know you’re not his main chick. Oh anyway…see the text messages below…


Source: LIB

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