Nigeria Has Earned Worldwide Respect – Tony Blair

Gen. Buhari

Former British Prime Minister, Tony Blair has assured President-elect, Muhammadu Buhari of the support of the major democracies of the world to ensure the success of his presidency.

Speaking to Journalists after a closed door meeting with Buhari during his congratulatory visit to the incoming president, the former PM hailed the credibility and the tranquillity that defined the last general elections.

“In the last few weeks, Nigeria has earned respect throughout the whole world. There is enormous support for Nigeria now in the international community. The support takes into consideration the challenges that lie ahead and there is great confidence in the country.

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“This is an election which took place in a way which the country showed the majority of democracies the spirit and character of its people and in the President elect and Vice President elect.

“It is a leadership that I know is determined to do its best for the country. Obviously, the future and destiny of Nigeria lies in the hand of its people.

“I just want to say to the President elect that there is tremendous support for you and the country at this moment and all of us. In what ever way we can stand ready to support you and help you. It is a moment of great challenges which bother on the life of the people as well as their security and so on.

“If the same spirit and character that defined the election can be taken through these coming years to address the challenges, I think we can all have great confidence in the times ahead.

“Thank you very much for giving me the opportunity to see you again here in Nigeria and wish you and your team the best in the times head,” Blair said.


  1. why won’t you hail Nigeria because your conspiracy with America worked to rig in buhari,let’s see how long it will last,fools.


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