Twitter Explodes As Debate Begins Over Buhari And Iara Oshiomole’s Handshake



Some conservative Nigerians are going after President Elect, Buhari over his handshake with the new First Lady of Edo State at her wedding. According to them, Buhari went against his religious values to do so. According to some, Islam prohibits a man shaking the hands of any female that is not his wife. Is there anything wrong with what Buhari did? Read Nigerians argument on Twitter below.



  1. There might be circumstances that might warrant a person to loosen up a little on some religious doctrine especially when taken by surprise. I guess that was the Buhari and Lara Oshiomhole’s case, he couldn’t hv refused the handshake at that moment.

  2. Is the heart that sin if the taught in his mind was ungodly (Allaly )
    when he was shaking the lady,blind man cannot see things of the spirit only God so stop judging if his mind is pure nothing bad shaking,have a gud time

  3. I bet every one if buhari remain silent people will translate it & we all know the set of people that are doing it….naija mst move forward

  4. If its against his religion then leave him to face the judegement from God,its none of ur business.haba.Nigerians and oversabism.Mind ur business abi na u get he life 4am?he’s free 2do whatever he likes that’s freedom of will.hahaahahaha.una nd una holier than God attitude.hmm

  5. Tis Aruwa guy is just speaking my mind.pls help me tell them.pple r quick in condemning others,as if they’re holy. Check ur cupboards all of u dat want2 hang GMB.he can hug her if he so wishes. My concern s national issues nt his personal life.mmtchew.

  6. I expect those have never sinned, not hypocrites, to complain about GMB’s action. Imagine, the other day, some dullard was finding fault with the president-elect, on 29/05/, swearing with the Holy Quran, the Scripture he believes in.

  7. Indeed we must consider his situation and position, of will look absurd if he refuse a hand shake .Moreover, God judge from what the heary conceals or simply with the intentions and I believe buhari shook hand to create a happy moment and a welcoming atmosphere for the strange bride. He wants toake her feel welcome in our dear country Nigeria,since she is now a new citizen of of Nigeria.

  8. Extremists will take everything too far.

    Nothing wrong with him shaking hands with a female. This is a civilized world and not all those archaic worldwide days


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