Nkiru Sylvanus – “I Hate Seeing Tattoos On People’s Bodies”


Veteran Nollywood actress, Nkiru Sylvanus, has revealed that she’s disgusted by people with tattoos.

The Director General of the proposed Imo State Film Academy, opened up saying she does not even like the sight on other people’s bodies.

In her words, “That is a triple no for me. I can never go there. I love my skin so much and I wouldn’t want any artificial thing on it.

Speaking further, she said, ‘Most importantly, I see that as against the will of God. I respect God and since He said I shouldn’t do such, I will not do it. Then again, I don’t like the sight of it on people. I just don’t like the drawings on people’s bodies.

Interestingly a long list of Sylvanus’ colleagues including Oge Okoye have found new love with the body art, which they not only adore but flaunt publicly.


  1. My great grand parents had it on as part of fashion in their days, and the artists earn a living through it. Its a culture in some parts of Nigeria since the old days. In my opinion it is what comes out of a man that matters and not the looks. I personally can’t put it on, but will not criticize those who have passion for artistic work.

    • Actually Josephine, the bible directly condemns tattoo marking or body cuts, read the bible book of Leviticus 19:28 and check out the reason at Ps.100:3 and Romans 12:1…have a nice day Josephine…


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