No Love: Emma Nyra Takes Swipe At Nigerian Men


Triple MG’s first lady, is having a go at Nigerian men, and we hope this has nothing to do with Ubi Franklin.

Emma Nyra tweeted that Nigerian men of this age are not doing exactly well in terms of love and relationship.

Emma Nyra who was embroiled some sort with Triple MG Ubi Franklin over their now ended love affair believes that Nigerian men of today are not up to par with the Nigerian men of yesteryears.

Lol I have hope in Nigerian men because I have a great father. But you Naija Men of today. Lol u gotta do Berra” tweeted the ‘For My Matter‘ singer.

On April 24, 2015, Emma Nyra hinted at physical abuse in her past relationship.

She didn’t reveal if it was in her relationship with Ubi Franklin that she experienced physical abuse.


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