Nollywood Actress, Foluke Daramola Talks Tough, Says “Alaba Must Be Shutdown”


Veteran Yoruba movie star, Foluke Daramola has stated that the famous Alaba market must be shutdown because they are just living on other people’s sweat.

Foluke told Encomium that ” Yes, it should be shut down, should even be razed down because these people are just living on other people’s sweat.  For instance, look at me now, I have spent millions of naira on the movie and I am afraid of releasing it.  And if care is not taken, if I leave it for too long, some idiots will just pirate it.  And nothing will be done about it.  So, Alaba should be shut down.  

“I believe in the incoming government in helping us to fight piracy but if the government is also not doing something right, I won’t be an obedient child at all.  We all want change but we know it’s not an overnight thing.  But if we exercise patience and we don’t get what we want, it won’t be business as usual.”