Photos: Thief caught at Mambilla hostel at Kaduna Poly at past 1am


An eyewitness reader tells the story. Read below…

Woke up to the noise of students from IMO hall of the Mambila hostel of Kaduna Polytechnic, main campus, screaming out loud, saying ‘throw him down’. Seems he walked into a room which wasn’t his and tried to move phones of the occupants, and he was caught, he got some really good beating tho. When he was asked by someone who recognised him as Stainless, he said he was on his “trips” which means he was under the influence and he forgot his room and walked into the wrong room. After a lot of beatings, the dean of Student Affairs came to pick him up at about 1:40am and said he would handle the issue.


Source: LIB

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