Pic: Man climbs tree in Plateau and says he won’t come down until Buhari is sworn in


This is one of the people that don’t know what to do with their time.


  1. Eagerness of the brand new government, me too I can’t wait, in fact I will not go out again until Buhari is sworn in.

  2. He is not yet hungry,when he is hungry he will jump down and look for something to eat he is runing a way from responsibility of caring for the wife and the 5 Children he left behind.

  3. In my own oppinion the whole exercise is not transparent i for see manipulation in the process am not in any way suggesting it should be cancel but am certainly not confortable with the whole process God bless Nigeria God bless our leader in other to leader us well

  4. Note that only God knows what a man will do to make it in life.we just have to be ourselves. Only a man’s talent will pave way for him. Do not copy


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