Robert Mugabe Refuses To Shake Hands With Zulu King [PHOTO]

Here’s a pic of President of Zimbabwe, Robert Mugabe as he refused to shake hands with one of the kings of Zulu because he passively watched his people kill other Africans. The pic is not recent though.


  • any king who acts royally gets the royal treament.Any king who instigates xenophobia anywhere gets ignominy.And this is generally speaking: a kings accrued loyalty and popular respect anywhere is directly proportional to the strength of his character and ability to champion the peoples cause without sectional or racial bias

  • Our Zulu king certainly does not look like the person on the picture.. Mugabe knows how to act the in a proper diplomatic manner. The RSA government is on record in acknowledging the problems we have regarding illegal immigrants, poverty and lack of opportunities.. but please let’s get the facts correct!!

    • Dear Shameless Oteng,
      You still have the shame and bragging right to tell the world that you have a nonentity, old and wired beast as a king. If that animal that doesn’t have sense of reasoning would be a king in south Africa it means am over qualified to be the next president of South Africa. All hail lazy South African people.

  • President Robert Mogabe,
    I was never your fan, but I feel you have won my heart for the snub you gave the rescued apartheid ravaged Kingdom and king of zulu. A community of backwardness. Still living in 18th century. A community vested with very lazy human beings that doesn’t want to work but to loot other people’s labour. Am not surprised with the attitude and shallow mental reasoning of the zulu people which extensively was exhibited in “THE GOD’S MOST BE CRAZY” Zulu the zombies. With exception to Father Nelson Mandela.

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