Russian “Rich Brat” Offerring People Money To Humiliate Themselves In Public


Grigory Mamurin, the grandson of a Russian oligarch, has been labeled a “rich brat” seeking attention, after he posted a YouTube video in which he offers strangers money to humiliate themselves. Oddity Central reports:

“Today we have come to Gorky Park in order to find out how much humiliation people are ready to experience for the sake of money,” Grigory says at the start of the video. He then proceeds to approach random people on the street, asking them if they would be willing to drink his urine or take their clothes off. if he paid them 10,000 to 15,000 roubles ($200 to $300).

Many of them walk away, disgusted. But one man finally stops, ostensibly tempted by the wad of cash in Grigory’s hand. He finally succumbs and ends up chugging a jar of Grigory’s urine, gagging and spluttering the whole time. There’s also a woman in the video who strips in a busy square, in exchange for money.

Grigory, who compares himself with famous filmmaker Steven Spielberg, said: “I wanted to do something interesting, that people would like, something unusual. This is how the project was born, it shows what our society is ready to do for the sake of money. It has elements of show.” However, despite getting over 1 million views on his video, Grigory got a lot of negative comments from people who suggested he visit a psychiatrist or expressed their disgust. Still the young rich kid, who compares himself to film directors like Steven Spielberg, seems unfazed.

He intends to release a follow-up video in that features “a girl who agreed to lick the bottom of my boot from one end to the other for 10,000 roubles.” He clarified that his intention isn’t to criticise the people in his videos, but to make us understand that each of them has a “problem that makes them do this.”