See 5 reasons Why Genevieve Nnaji Is Bigger Than Omotola Jalade-Ekeinde


I came across this online and thought it would be a good read, tell me if you agree in the comments section.

Read the report below: –

Here are five reasons why Genevieve is bigger than Omotola: –

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  1. Genevieve started her acting career before Omotola. She made her debut in 1987 in the TV soap opera Ripples at the age of 8.

  2. She was the first to get international recognition when she was described as the ‘Juliet Roberts of Africa’ by Oprah Winfrey in 2003.

  3. She has a more successful relationship with corporate Nigeria. Deals with Lux, Range Rover, Etisalat, MUD, and her own fashion line St. Genevieve makes her a very successful brand in business than Omotola.

  4. Both actresses have national honours- but Genevieve was the first to receive hers. She was awarded the Order of the Federal Republic in 2011.

  5. Between the two stars, she is the first to give up a music career made up of little talent which was going nowhere. Unfortunately, Omotola still believes she has a shot in music which has slightly dented her brand.


  1. I agree wit u. Despite omotala having her peaceful home,Genevive is still on top. in-fact she is my is love her.

  2. Omosexy is d biggest here,bcos she’s got lots of credit,keepin her marriage and family intact,dat is wat every woman should crave for nt achievement,nt wen u cnt even make or keep a home

  3. It depends on what your definition of been big is all about. Nevertheless, Omotola is a responsible married woman and the mother of four, whose husband a traveler and have much responsibilities. As uncommon in art industry a woman who respect her marriage and family. She solidly love, honour and submitted to a man. She is not loosed and out of control. A beautiful and lovable woman. I consider her more successful and bigger.

  4. Genevive is bigger than her in all ways. Not easy to be a single mum, taking care of ur child only u and with all d challenges she passed through she still had d courage to work hard. I love and respect her d same with omotola but Gene is more

  5. Omotola jolade ekehinde she’s the biggest and cutes gurl in this entirely world. Omotogbadun

  6. Omotola is the biggest! What is achievement meant? When you are not in the arm of any man, she did not achieve anything cos she is not married, she is not a responsible woman, I love omosexy

    • Must your achievements tame with ‘hubby, married’ look don’t count your achievement by marriage. Marriage is never an achievement.

  7. One other point I think the writer left untold
    Genievive Nnaji is not proud type that will condemn Hero trekkers. Like Omotola Jolade who’s post/view about trekkers potrays her as being energetic or a product of hardworking rather than FORTUNATE and LUCKY type she is.
    So it’s afirmative to say Chief Miss/Mrs. Genievive is more meaningful and reasonable as the writers’ ‘bigger’ may be interpreted

  8. One other point I think the writer left untold
    Genievive Nnaji is not proud type that will condemn Hero trekkers. Like Omotola Jolade who’s post/view about trekkers potrays her as being energetic or a product of hardworking rather than FORTUNATE and LUCKY type she is.
    So it’s afirmative to say Chief Miss/Mrs. Genievive is more meaningful and reasonable as the writers’ ‘bigger’ may be interpreted.

  9. Everyone is talking about omotala having a good home. Genny I read of said she does nt want to marry again after her past esperiences wit men. I love the both of them. Stop all dis gossip here jare

  10. If a woman isn’t married, does that make her irresponsible and loose? Is it her fault or choice? U don’t even know what she’s going through, u make such unguided statements. Pls let’s be guided.

  11. Shoroniyen? That’s how you media made them become unfriendly with each other. You cover one part and open another. You didn’t even explore Omotola’s string points. When Genie gets married, keeps her home like Omo, pls come back and compare. I guess the blogger is a man ; probably single. Pls mingle success with keeping a balanced home front, then come back to compare a single mother with a successfully married woman in an African setting

  12. U guys should listen to d question,it says whose career is more successful not whose family is more successful.thats why many of u out there fell worfly in in this case genny takes the golden shoes cos her carrier is bigger.though omotola is doing great too.

    • Genny u r and will remain the best, I love so much and will always do so. I can’t compare u wit anyone coz I just wonder d kind of quality a person will have dat will make me feel anyone is better than u. Whatsoever anyone is saying about u does not matter to me, the most important thing is dat I love u so very much and u are very important to me, coz at times when I feel like d world is turning against me I will remember how courageous u were back in does days when men wrote u off, u never gave up on urself but rather u grow stronger and more determined to succeed and dat became my source of strength. It does not matter whether u r married or not, d most important thing is dat u r fulfilling ur destiny. People must talk bad about u for sure but don’t get bordered dat is d sacrifice u must have to pay for been an important personality, they must surly look for means of bringing u down but I know dey won’t succeed coz u r never in the business of losing focus and dat is one of d qualities I admire in u, just keep flying haters can’t stop….

  13. Abah genevieve nnaji is bigger than Omotola na. Am not hating I like both of dem by d way who is Omotola wen deris genevieve nnaji 1 that name inshort carry weight 4 nigeria industry talkless abroad. Genevieve is a house hold name sef. Werrin ina dey yarn. 4 me I go for genny any time any day.

  14. Omosexy refusing to broadcast her marriage challenges does not main she’s not passing thru triers beside not every being is destined to marry even duo is our heart desire. To me Gene all the way!

  15. Omotola or Gene who among them is not a SUCCESSFUL DAMSEL? pray for u to be a successful dude in life but I still respect d both so much and I love them in abundance.

  16. Having four kids or a husband does nt make u big or successful I would say Genevieve is trying its nt easy to be a single mother bcoz av seen women that re big today dey don’t believe having a husband will make u big or help u at least dere re some husbands that do nt care for their wives everyone will see them happy bt we do not know wots happening behind those smiles am nt saying Omotola’s husband is nt caring for her bt its just the truth. Both ladies have their respects nd self esteem nd also their determination so I still love nd respect them so Genevieve decided to keep her child nd Omotola got married wots de difference they re still happy nd still successful. I will always love nd respect the duo coz its nt easy to be where they are today kudos. Love the two of you.

  17. U have all said.the two are great n all of them deserve the same dignity. Meaning everyone has her own destiny. I as Nehemiah from kisii-nairobi Kenya,I highly love them all.

  18. I don’t rate some one who is desperate like sharing her body for fame. And don’t believe in single mother’s success bcos 99% are damn.. motola is bigger

  19. Gennyas she is fondly called is a an ICON to be dignified, and a lady of such should be accorded respect and also to be Hunged a Gold Melda. Genny stated her acting career before Omotola and she made her debut in 1987 her in the TV Soap Opera Ripples at the age of “8” shs was also the first to get an international recorgnition in 2003. She has more successful relationship with cooperate Nigeria deels with lux, range rover I mean mention them, an her own fashion line as St. Genevieve makes her a very successful brand in business than omotola. Making money is great but good business is the best art, investment opportunities happen, but u create them, so Genny decided 2 create one is she not bigger than Omotola? Or are u saying Omotola is using her husband and four kids as her own fashion line? The both stars have National honours but Genny my mentor was the first to receive hers in 2011. we are talking about first to the above mention and not secnd. Between the two star she is the first to give up a music career and unfortunately omotola still believes she has a shot in music which has slighly dented her brand. Yea Genny had her daughter as a teen omotola also had her first daughter as a teen too, so who is better than the other in that aspect nobody because they both had s**x as teenagers and omotola decided to get married as early as that which was a own personal choice/descision to make as an individual because we all have individual differences, and Nnaji decided to be single because she doe’nt want be restricted from her future endownment/achivement, omotola has a sustianable relationship does’nt mean she has the record as the first woman and Genny also knowned as every-day-young did’nt get married today does’nt mean she wuld’nt get married tomorrow, is my mentor the only single star actress? The total reespodent are 32, 11 reespodent are neutral, 9 stood their ground for omotola, while 12 stood their ground for Nnaji with cogent reasons that need not to be debunked. And so majority carries the VOTE and I say my mentor genny all the way, Carry go because Genny is threelion times bigger than Omotola.

  20. Why the comparism? They are both great and they have both overcome challenges and all that goes with being a single-mother and being married. They are great role-models. I wish them all their good heart-desires. May they continue to be good ambassadors to the womenfolk and our country Nigeria.

  21. None is bigger than the other, they’re both rich, they’re both women because the two of them were able to conceive and had babies… Marriage doesn’t matter after all Paul the man of God didn’t get married!

  22. To me Genny is the biggest because she is a role model to some of the actress in the movie industry like MJ and Tonto. i love her

  23. both are good in their respective ways. one reason i like genny than omotola is that genny always attend events like marriages of her colleagues than omo t. stop wasting your time.

  24. i like genevieve for some reasons as compared to omotola, actors interviews revealed that she is a very natural person and not pompous or the proud type, those that worked closely with her. one tin i love so much abt her is dt she is not a noise-maker. she does not blow her trumpet, pple do dt for her. i have never heard her pass negative jugdemt or condemn her colleagues or any1 in the industry, unlike sm of her colleagues that passed sm mallicious remark wen she won the national award in 2011. most importantly, she has kept her natural beauty, she recognised that God made her beautiful with dark skin, a black race and she has made all blacks proud with her glowing smooth shinny ebony skin. i admire Genny a great deal.

    • Guy you just spoke my candy mind because her (Genny) ability to maintain her natural skin and complexion alone is enough for me to give her kudos than any other nigerian actress besides omotola has pride because I remember when she droped album she baned the media from playing her songs.

  25. don’t compare

    1. omotola is well celebrated not as only an actress but as one of the 100 most influential being in the world
    2. being married and a career woman ask joke silva
    3. married woman can model again so aw do u expect her to be the face of luxx and so on

    4. 2 million + like on facebook is no beans

    she is an advocate of Girls and women for gender equality

    she believe in giving back to the society that given so much to founder of many NGOs

    greatness is not about money it is about aw much you have impact people around take it or live it omotola as impact live around the world more than geni and believe me omotola is a worthy role model for any girl aw many lady pray to be single mother a hopeless miserable sister like geni no but any woman that manage her profession and home is a successful woman no woman is successful as single mother coz the greatest event of human is marriage any man that has fail marriage has fail in life buari will better president because he passed first in his home omotola dumb up

  26. That Genevieve was d first doesn’t make her d best. One could start up a thing and another finish. Omotola supercedes Gen in all matters. She’s a star, she’s gotten most of d awards Gen got, she’s a rich n affluent woman, she’s happily married with kids, have lived with her husband for years n will even do more, she’s a role model, a woman of virtue, less or no scandal at all thru out her career life etc. Can u speak such of Genevieve?. Money isn’t everything pls.
    But Omotola has got both d money, fame and good name…!. She’s indeed a very rare GEM!. They’re simply incomparable…it’s a sin comparing both, I must say….#smiles

  27. I tink its Genie, but those of U rating her higher based on finances must be wrong. Remember Omo’s HB is a pilot ooo.

  28. ah. They both have stunning careers no need to compare them, I mean they are two different people with different working ethics… we (South Africans) adore them and their talent…yeah that’s right TALENT ooooh

  29. Na waa for unaaa,why comparing two ladies that are working so hard in life.All of u guys sit and type about pple that are better than u.Is this not madness to the highest other?sometimes i wonder wat is happening to the society at large,No brains nothing.Too bad.Genny and Omo all d way


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