Segun Arinze – “Stop Playing The Blame Game”


Veteran big-eyed actor, Segun Arinze, spoke about his marriage life and kids in a new interview.

When asked about if he regrets having kids from four different women, he said:

“I don’t regret things. I learn from them. I’ve learnt not to regret things, because it weighs you down. When you start regretting things, you start going back, you start doing the blame game. This is no time for the blame game. Stop playing the blame game. Just move on”.

He also said

”I didn’t swim in scandals, I never swam in scandals. Let’s be honest with ourselves, I never swam in scandals. I never ever swam in scandals. Let’s face the facts. When you say scandals, let’s begin to define what a scandal is”



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