Stop Making Excuses; You Promised To Fix Everything, PDP To APC


The People’s Democratic Party (PDP) has assumed its opposition party status early, 17 days before the All Progressives Congress (APC) officially becomes the ruling party by reminding the APC of its promises before the election and advising it not to renege on them.

The PDP criticized a new opinion poll by the APC where it asked Nigerians what they want the incoming government to do for them. The party also alleged that the APC deleted its manifesto from its official website after the election.

“The APC embarks upon a fresh deception game to confuse & deceive innocent Nigerians in a new Opinion Poll,” wrote PDP via its official twitter account.

“You will all recall how the APC tried to delete its manifesto from its official website after winning the general elections. Little did they know that smart Nigerians had long memorized, photocopied, cut & pasted it in their emails. This change must happen.

“Didn’t the APC promise “Free Meal & Free Education”? Why the new opinion polls? The APC should just deliver on its promises.”

The PDP therefore advised the APC to get ready to work as they are sworn in on May 29th, saying it frowns at their deception game in the name of opinion poll.


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