‘The Hottest Place In Hell Should Be Reserved For Governors’ – Ben Bruce Speaks Up

Ben Murray-Bruce does not hide from the spotlight as he recently took to his social media platform to voice his opinion on the excesses of the present administration and its lawmakers.

Mr Bruce took to his Twitter handle to direct his posts at the executives and legislative arms of the government.

Reactions have trailed Senator-elect of Bayelsa East Senatorial District in Bayelsa state and Chairman of the ever-expanding Silverbird Group’s tweets centering on good governance and public sector accountability.


Since the former Director-General of the Nigerian Television Authority joined Twitter he has dived right into political matters, taking on issues that have been contentious in the National Assembly, such as pay-cuts for legislators, housing for government officials, and banning of imported products to encourage local enterprise.




His tweets come at an interesting time. President-Elect Muhammadu Buhari is known for his tough anti-corruption stance and is widely expected to cut the cost of government.

Notable figures such as Sen. Bukola Saraki and others have admitted to the need to cut the cost of running the National Assembly.

According to civic responsibility start-up Budget, the National Assembly budget is higher than that of 21 states in Nigeria.

This is obviously outrageous and Mr Bruce seems to be unhappy about it.

Still, his words have not come without criticism as many twitter users also reacted and faulting his sudden outburst and attacks on government officials.

Twitter users bemoaned his silence throughout the President Goodluck Jonathan administration while other questioned his effort and dedication during his time as the Director-General of NTA. Still others questioned his ability to champion the causes he has mentioned and the wisdom of some of the policy ideas he has advocated, such as protectionism for products manufactured in Nigeria.

Come May 29th, Nigerians will have an opportunity to hold Sen. Murray-Bruce and the Buhari-led executive government to account for the promises made to Nigerians during their campaigns.

Over the past few days the senator-elect has been going on about how public funds are being wasted by politicians in the country, calling for measures to be taken to curb this.

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