The Odd Things Nigerians Do For Fuel | Photos

The fuel scarcity which surfaced few weeks ago has assumed a turn for the worse as people across major cities in Nigeria have continued to experience difficulties in purchasing the product.

The scarcity has which has been blamed on a number of factors as Central Bank policies and indebtedness of product marketers to banks, are impacting the supply of fuel nationwide.


While the long queues linger, the ruling Peoples Democratic Party and opposition All Progressive Congress, continue blame each other for the shortage of the product.

Below are some pictures taken at NNPC filling station, Amuwon Odofin area of Lagos which depicts  the odd measures Nigerians have resorted to due to the biting fuel scarcity.

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Nigeria which is one of the world’s largest oil crude oil is running out of gasoline.  Nigeria’s main cities are facing acute gasoline shortages as importers feel the pinch of a plummeting local currency, tighter credit lines and unpaid government subsidies.


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