Troops Destroy 7 Boko Haram Camps, Rescue Additional 25 Women And Children


Seven additional terrorists camps were yesterday destroyed as more terrorists died in the ongoing onslaught to flush them out of Sambisa Forest, according to the Defence Headquarters. An additional 25 women and children were rescued in the process.

Troops captured camps in the area after scaling series of land mines in continuation of the assault on the forest bases of the terrorists. The captured camps include the four notorious Alafa camps as well as those in Rogo Fulani, Laraga and others used as training camps.

The soldiers also recover weapons including Rocket Propelled Grenades, Anti-Aircraft Guns. A number of vehicles were either captured or destroyed during the operation.

Although the terrorists were badly hit, four soldiers were wounded and have evacuated for treatment.

The statement by the DHQ said the operations were still ongoing as troops’ morale was high and they are showing fighting spirit as they search the forests for terrorists, arms and hostages.