World’s Friendliest Restaurant Serves Breakfast, Lunch And Hugs


The atmosphere at Tim’s Place, in Albuquerque, is so positive that patrons often call it the ‘world’s friendliest restaurant’. OddityCentral has more:

The owner, 26-year-old Tim Harris, wants his customers perfectly comfortable, so he personally hugs every one of them. Tim’s hugs have become so popular that they are now listed on the menu as described as a “calorie-free”, “guilt-free” treat that guarantees to “improve your lease on life.”

Tim’s Place has been around since 2010, and Tim has given out over 19,000 hugs in the past five years – he keeps count using a special Hug Counter. “I love giving all the customers a hug because I want them to feel comfortable and connected and being around friends,” said Tim explained.

But it’s not just the hugs that make Tm’s Place so special, but the owner’s life story, as well. Tim is probably the only Down syndrome sufferer in the U.S. to own a restaurant. “We started to ponder when he was young about his future and made the choice that we wanted to create a life for him that was as close to typical as possible,” Keith Harris, Tim’s father, said. So he and his wife Jeanne decided to raise all their sons with the same expectations, without making any concessions for Tim. It turns out that their strategy worked beautifully – none of Tim’s brothers are actually as successful as he is.