10 Reasons I Am Married – From A Man’s Perspective


For me if someone asked me why I’m still married, I want to be able to give some solid answers. Here are just a few of my reasons:

Because I love my wife and took vows to love her forever.
Because I love my family and want my children to have a stable family
Because my wife makes me better and adds value to my life
Because I love the life my wife and I are building together
Because I like having sex on a consistent basis with someone who actually cares about me
Because I know my wife has my back
Because my wife is my best friend and I can be vulnerable with her
Because my wife keeps me fed with that good cooking
Because marriage challenges me, yet allows me to focus on becoming the best person I can be
Because I want my legacy to be bigger than just me.
Some of the things I mention may seem elementary but I believe it is important that we always take a step back and remember why we made commitments to each other. Sometimes in the business of life, we start to look at our marriages as burdens instead of as the blessings they really are.