10 Ways To Be More Attractive To Men


Are you’re sick of being single? Do you want more men to look your way? Do you wonder what you can do to be more interesting to guys? Then you’re in the right place.. Just relax and enjoy these Tips To Make You More Attractive To Men

1.Smile Personally, Im attracted to women who smile more often. It’s an easy, friendly way to show you’re happy to be there and interested in what he has to say. Make sure your smile is real. Smile freely and easily to lighten the conversation and keep things feeling fun. Laugh if he says something you think is funny, but make sure it’s not forced. Tip: A very powerful flirtation technique is to smile and make eye contact at the same time. You’ll knock him over.

2.Stay in Shape. Men don’t want you to be like a skeleton nor do they want you to be too fat! I suggest you should exercise 3-4 times a week. Speaking of the way you eat: you do not need to starve yourself; you do not need those fatty food either.

3.Be Confident Men are attracted to people who seem comfortable with themselves. Being confident gives you a certain air of coolness that makes men want to find out more about you. Play up your good qualities and be proud of your accomplishments instead of hiding them. When you feel good about yourself, it definitely shows. I know its not easy to build, and you cant pretend to be confident when u’re not. The first and best step to Confidence, is by working on feeling better about yourself.

4.Make Your Own Money When it comes to money, most men really don’t care if you make a whole lot, but you need to be making enough so that you are not a financial drain on him. If you make more than him, kudos! more power to you, just don’t misuse it.

5.Look Like A Woman Men want to date WOMEN, not MEN with vaginas.

6.Be Respectful and Submissive Being submissive is a very good thing, I didn’t say you should start being a door mat or that you should have no voice in the relationship. A good man will reciprocate, and respect the things you want and make sure you are also happy. Remember: God Loves A Respectful Woman.

8.Be Willing to Cook at Least Three Times a Week Its really too bad that domestic ability of being able to feed yourself without ordering takeout has faded away. Learn to cook.. Not necessarily for him. Do it for yourself. It makes him know you’re responsible and capable of doing same for him if you eventually get married. “The way to a man’s heart is his stomach”

9.Reduce the Makeup The less the better. One more thing, Reduce the way you try to modify your body. Men Fall for natural hair color, tasteful and coverable tattoos and piercings that are not out of control and all over the place. Having tattoos or piercings is not a must oh.

10. And finally…Be Intelligent No man wants a woman who cannot flex her mental muscles.

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