17 Signs You Are Truly, Madly And Deeply In Love

There is a very fine line of understanding between crush, infatuation and love. Most of us would relate to the feeling of butterflies fluttering in our tummies, the sudden rush of emotions, and the excitement associated with love. The flushing of cheeks, hiding and sneaking around, talking for hours, is so fascinating!

But the real question that many of us keep asking ourselves, is that ‘are we really in love?’ While, for some it take ages to realise their love, others probably never come to the point of realising it. And, if you sure that you too have been bitten by the love bug, then these signs would surely help you to know if you are truly, madly and deeply in love.

#1. All songs make sense


No song seems too cheesy or stupid anymore, in fact the songs remind you of them.

#2. Love games!

You start taking all love-related quizzes online and in magazines; just because who can question all that experience and research.

#3. Cheesy gifts look cute


Cheesy gifts? They are not irritating anymore! They simply show how much you love each other.

#4. Every message you type, ends up like this!


#5. When the immediate and the obvious response is always this


#6. Yes! You smile at each other for no apparent reason; or a reason you are not willing to share

#7. You remember the first of every moment


Be it your first hand-holding anniversary or your first tub of pop-corn together, it certainly is memorable!

#8. The world stands still when you look, think or talk to each other

Suddenly, all you can see are the emotions in their eyes! Soft stares and subtle hints never seemed so precious.

#9. Anything and everything reminds you of your partner

#10. Passionate fights mean more passionate make-up

Passion is everywhere, even in fights. And at the end of a huge argument, you realize you love each other even more!

#11. The constant sense of missing them


You constantly miss the most important part of your life, when they are not around.

#12. Constant need of being around each other or touching each other, even in the most innocent manner, brings the biggest smile to your face


#13. You can imagine your whole life with them…

Just out of habit, you know where you want to live, what the home will look like, the name of the kids and the cat.

#14. The feeling of finally finding what you have been looking for your entire life

This is who you were always supposed to be with and spend the rest of your life with!

#15. Even the thought of being away from someone, hurts like hell!

#16. When there is no safer place in the world, than in the arms of someone special


#17. Your reaction to those who chart out the benefits of a singles life

After reading all these points, there must be someone you are thinking of. Be it your crush, boy/girlfriend or husband/wife, go ahead, pick up that phone and say those three magical words to them. After all, what’s life without love?

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