Ahmad Lawan-led Faction Goes To Court Against Saraki


Ahmad Lawan-led faction of elected Senators that did not participate in the Tuesday, June 9 election that produced Senator Bukola Saraki and Senator Ike Ekweremadu as President and Deputy President of the Senate, has indicated that they are heading to court to contest the election.


Source: Leadership


      • You guys are not serious. Does 57 senators out of 108 constitute 2/3rd majority? Is that how the senate operates? How can you come out here to support evil? If they condone this kind of evil at the very beginning then they should be ready for the worse things to come. There is a need to nullify that election that produced Saraki or they will be laying foundation for such to happen in the future. I am sorry for Saraki with the way he is going about his ambition for senate president even against his party. Until this evil is quenched now, the so much desired change will never see the light of the day. I am personally disappointed with the speed at which this administration is operating. Most of the decisions they are battling with right now ought to have been completed before May, 29. I also think President Buhari should talk less and swing into action.

    • Yes! He’ll do the same job Saraki will do,but,deceit and treachery is not politic. Besides,having no respect for the party under which platform you were elected means Saraki is not a disciple individual. Have you looked at the composition? Senate deputy president is a PDP member. What does that portend for Nigeria?

  1. Evry nigerian has d right to go to court if he or she feels his/her rights hav been trampled upon.so why castigate him for wat he feels is [email protected]…why didn’t u vote for KOWA PARTY sinve u knew they’ll be doin d same work in aso rock as buhari?so many idiots commentin rubbish.

  2. I think Lawan and his associates has a right to approach the Court. They were disenfranchised from choosing the leader of their choice. It doesn’t matter who’s to do the work or how the outcome would have been had they participated in the process. Their rights as elected senators to participate in selecting who governs them is sacrosanct


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