B-Red Talks About Why He Shows Off His Money On Social Media


Fair-skinned HKN artiste B-Red, is well known for flashing stacks of money on his Instagram account.

The act has led to more than a few people criticizing him as arrogant and cocky.

In a recent interview, B-Red who is about to drop a song with Davido called ‘Cucumber‘ said he shows off his money because he can do as he pleases.

It’s not wealth I’m showing off. N500, 000 is not a lot of money. It’s just two thousand pounds. I just landed from America that day and I had no cash so I went to the bank to get some and felt like putting it on my Instagram. What about American artistes, dem dey post cash everyday. Once in a while you can do it. Not like I’m trying to be cocky or something but it’s no big deal” he explained.

B-Red went on to reveal that he has taken a break from school, but will be back in September. After completing his remaining two years he will work in father’s power plant.

As for competition among the HKN Gang, B-Red says he is not competing with his successful cousin Davido, and that his time will come.


  1. Continue, u r playing wit ur life. Wen kidnapers remeber u, u go sabi say nija no b america n 500k (only) wil giv birth 500million naira problem. Den it wil b a matter of life n death. B wise son!

  2. May be him and his family were ones poor, so he is exibiting the money to validate their arrival at the pinacle. Empty drum making a loud noise, what do you want Dangote, to do?


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