Boko Haram: North East Senators Seek Development Commission

northeastSenators from the North-Eastern states have renewed calls for the creation of a North-East Development Commission to be saddled with the responsibility of rebuilding the region, which has witnessed large-scale destruction by the activities of Boko Haram.

The senators also vowed to sponsor a joint bill as they lamented the level of destruction by Boko Haram in the geo-political zone.

Speaking in Yola, the Adamawa State capital, also badly hit by activities of Boko Haram on Monday, the Senator representing Adamawa Central Senatorial district, Abdul-Aziz Murtala Nyako, said the move was to hasten rapid infrastructural development in the affected states.

“Everybody can clearly see that the North East zone of Nigeria is in serious crisis particularly as it relates to Boko Haram crisis that we have undergone in the recent years and a lot of infrastructure is down.

“Virtually, we have to revamp the entire system and because of this we have decided to come up with the commission almost in tune with the Niger-Delta Development Commission that will lead to rebuilding the region and better its security”, he said..

To assist those who were lucky to survive the reign of terror, the senator said it was necessary to push for a bill to create the commission to fast track the re-settlement of indigenes of the affected communities.

The senator added that the North East suffers from strings of attacks by Boko Haram with adverse effect on farming, which is the major pre-occupation of people of the region.

“It’s on record that the insurgents have driven thousands of farmers from their land, preventing thousands more from working their fields, raising fears of imminent food shortages.

“Food shortages would add immeasurably to the misery in northeast Nigeria.

“We anticipate general hunger this year because there is still fear of possible attacks and landmines danger”, he said.


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