Buhari Wants To Clear The Rot Left Behind By The Past Government Before Appointing Ministers – Report

President Buhari

President Muhammadu Buhari may not have ministers any time soon, as the new administration seeks to come to grip with the rot left behind by the previous administration, reports Vanguard.

The news platform stressed that the Buhari-led administration’s stand was due to the acute state of affairs of government finances and resources.

A source close to the president made this known to reporters at the weekend. He spoke in reference to assertions of the president’s slow take-off as reflected in the failure to appoint key actors of government. He dismissed suggestions that the activities of government had been crippled on account of the failure to appoint ministers.

He added that Buhari was very determined not to build his government on a “very rotten foundation.”

“You cannot even begin to imagine the situation we have met on the ground,” the source who has unfettered access to the president and is one of those presently working with him behind the scenes said.

“Almost everything is in a state of decay. There is absolutely no way the new government can hope to achieve anything long-lasting without first building a new foundation.”

In view of the present situation, the source said that the president may take some very hard decisions to salvage the country.

“President Buhari’s plan of action will be likened to that of a doctor who first has to break a poorly set bone afresh, before resetting it to allow for smooth and proper growth.

“The president plans to cut down the number of ministries and parastatals. He wants to cut down the cost of running government. He wants to make sure that all the loopholes that enable corruption to thrive are blocked. All these are procedures that require time and careful planning. You cannot do it in a rush.”

“Remember that he has to make sure that all this is done without any job losses or mass retrenchments,” he said. “All this is not a day’s or one-month job.”



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