Concept Nova Extends TI-KON Tracker Sale To Offline Retail Space

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In a bid to make its solutions and services more accessible to its customers, Concept Nova an IT Solutions company has established partnership with Ebeano – a major chain of Supermarkets in Lagos on the sale of its car tracking device TI-KON.

TI-KON Car tracking device is a powerful self-service device that uses GPS as well as GSM technology, to monitor the location of a vehicle at all times and can be accessed from an internet enabled device like a mobile phone, a Tablet or a PC. TI-KON Car tracking device gives you speed and location updates on your vehicle in real time.

The device offers extra peace that comes with knowing the exact location of your car especially when it is conveying your loved ones and you are not there with them. Do you have suspicions that your driver takes your car to unauthorized destinations? Want to know why your fuel tank returns empty after your car goes to the mechanic? Or do you sit all day heart-in-mouth hoping that your teenager has not been speeding? TI-KON provides you the needed answers!

With TI-KON you can specify a radius or area of operation for your vehicle which will trigger an alert if boundaries are crossed and in the case of theft, you can immobilize your car thereby aid recovery. You also get information-rich and detailed report on where your vehicle has been, where it’s headed, how fast it’s traveling and alerts on various faults or risks on the vehicles health.

Speaking on the union with Ebeano, the Lead Strategic Partnership Team of Concept Nova, Okoronkwo Kanno, describes the move as one of the company’s effort to make its products and solutions more accessible to its customers, and to offer more consumer-centric engagement in a retail environment. The partnership is kicking off with the Ebeano Supermarket store located at Chevron drive and will extend to the other outlets in Lagos. Concept Nova’s tech gurus will be available at the store on weekends to interact with customers and educate them on how to effectively use the device.

For more details on TI-KON vehicle tracker, visit Concept House, 32, Montgomery Road, Sabo-Yaba, Lagos. You can also our customer service lines on 07026333742, 07046180256 or Email:

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