El-Rufai Vows To Deliver Better Health And Longer Life Expectancy To Kaduna Citizens

Nasir-El-RufaiGovernor Nasir El-Rufai of Kaduna State on Tuesday decried the HIV prevalence in the state which is the second highest in the country.

He also lamented the fact that only 36 per cent of mothers have the benefit of being attended by skilled birth attendants.

The governor, who made the disclosure in his speech at the Kaduna State Healthcare Summit in Kaduna, said the present situation is unacceptable.

“Kaduna State has the second highest HIV prevalence in the country, and only 36 per cent of mothers have the benefit of being attended by skilled birth attendants”, he said.

The governor said current coverage of measles vaccine is 56 per cent, reflecting dismal immunization coverage for 12-23 month-olds of only 35 per cent.

He said, “Latest available date suggests that only a paltry 2 per cent of under-fives with malaria are treated with ACTs”.

The governor said his administration has recognized health as an important public good, and has also identified it as one of the priority areas of this administration.

“Our goal is to deliver for Kaduna State citizens better health and longer life expectancy, and in this quest we seek results that will place our state in the top tier for healthcare delivery”, he said.

“We are committed to devoting more resources to improving the life chances of our people. To free these resources, we are focused on reducing the cost of governance. This is why the Deputy Governor and I have voluntarily decided to donate 50 per cent of our salary and allowances to the basket treasury.

“We look forward to collaborating with you in achieving our goals in the health sector. But we want to avoid the hitherto uncoordinated, haphazard approach. There is a need to set targets in each of the important indices for measurable outcomes and thereafter create a basket of funds from the different donor agencies to support our government’s health programme”.