Femi Adebayo – “Funke Akindele Did Not Break My Marriage”


After rumors have been circulating for a while, famous Yoruba actor, Femi Adebayo has come out to state that fellow actress Funke Akindele did not break his marriage.

In an interview with City People, Adebayo denied the popular rumour that his alleged fling with Akindele ended his marriage. “Funke had nothing to do with my marriage crash. The major reason my marriage broke-up was the fact that my baby mother does not really like my profession. Funke absolutely has nothing to do with his marriage problems. And I want people to get this clear” he stated.

Opening up, the movie star said his former wife did not like his profession as an actor.

Initially he promised her that he would only take acting as a hubby, but as fate would have it his success as an actor attracted more offers.

He even said he tried other professions but they were not fruitful, and acting was the only job paying his bills.

Talking to City People he disclosed that his marriage which produced three kids had packed up seven years ago.

His ex-wife filed for divorce two years after the separation, and is now married.

On the issue of marriage Adebayo said contrary to reports he isn’t getting married soon. “I haven’t chosen a date, venue or the wife. Marriage is a good thing that everyone is expected to do” he said.

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