Game Of Drones – Read Of Australia’s Awesome Underground Drone Racing League

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Most people don’t even know there is such a thing as drone racing, but we’re willing to bet this is what racing sports will look like in the not so distant future. Drone racing is already gaining prominence in Australia, where enthusiasts gather in large abandoned warehouses to test their drone maneuvering skills. Participants spend countless hours custom building their quadcopters, fitting them with onboard cameras and ‘blinging’ them up with LED lights.

According to Oddity central, During the actual events, racers don special goggles – sometimes held together with gaffer tape – to give them a drone’s-eye view as they steer their machines around the course. So it’s a lot like video gaming, except players get to control a real device instead of a virtual one.

They start off with a five-hour practice session in order to get used to the track. The actual race lasts for an hour. High-speed crashes and collisions are all part of the ‘Game of Drones’, adding to the risky, adrenaline-charged atmosphere. “You have complete freedom to move in any direction,” explained racer Mark Cocquio, adding that smaller quadcopters make racing easier and cheaper. “Because you have to pick your lines just right and have to react in a split second when things go wrong, racing is even more exciting. One mistake and a tiny gap you’re aiming for becomes a tree or a wall and you’re out.”

Drone racing is a lot cooler than it sounds. Follow the link for some footage from some of these awesome events.

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