‘Just Divorced’ Georgia Woman Celebrates By Decorating Truck


A Georgia woman is celebrating her long-awaited divorce by driving around in a pickup truck emblazoned with the words, “Just Divorced.” UPI reports:

Leona Metcalf of Lawrenceville said her husband of nearly a decade walked out on her five years ago, but her divorce wasn’t finalized until late last week.  Melcalf affixed cans to her Ford F-150 pickup truck and wrote “Just Divorced” on the windows and tailgate of the vehicle in a reference to the custom of decorating the cars of the newly married.

“I’m an independent woman,” Metcalf told WAGA-TV. “To me, it’s a celebration because it should have been over 5 years ago.” “You see people putting ‘Just Married’ on their cars to celebrate their wedding so I decided, hey, why not put ‘Just Divorced’ on my truck to celebrate my divorce?” she told The Huffington Post.

Metcalf said her truck has earned her a lot of honks of support from other motorists. “I had absolutely no idea it would receive this much positivity and publicity,” she said. “I simply thought it was a cute idea. But everywhere I go people tell me they think my positive spirit is awesome and shout things like ‘what a cool idea’ and ‘you go girl!'”


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