LP Rejects Bailout For States Over Unpaid Salaries


The Labour Party has rejected the demand by state governors for a financial bailout from the federal government over their inabilities to pay workers’ salaries.

The opposition party said states only needed to look inward to generate enough revenue to pay their workers and depend less on the federal allocations, which they could use for other developmental needs.

The National Chairman of LP, Alhaji Abdukadir Abdulsalam, who stated this in Abuja on Friday while speaking with newsmen, said that President Muhammadu Buhari should not in any way pay workers of states, insisting it would set a bad precedent and worsen the crisis.

He said, “To us in the Labour Party, the Federal Government should not set bad precedent by bailing out these states from the quagmire of paying workers’ salaries, which is their duty. The states should go back to the drawing board and ensure that their priority henceforth as they receive allocations from the Federal Government should be to pay the backlog of salaries they owe the workers.

“It is disheartening and most unfortunate that most of the states that clamour for change and whose governors destroyed the economy of their respective states can no longer pay workers’ salaries up to 10 months.

“This is unbelievable in a country like ours. These states due to their lack of preparedness, prioritisation of projects and coupled with their white elephant projects, were unable to do the right things”.

The LP chairman proposed that rather than ask for a bailout from Buhari, states should rather look inward especially from their internally generated revenue and pay the arrears of the salaries being owed workers immediately.

“We support the NLC and the TUC that any state owing workers’ salaries should be locked-down and all the state governors, including former governors owing salaries for more than two months should be investigated by the EFCC to explain what happened to the resources of their state especially Rochas Okorocha, Rauf Aregbesola and Idris Wada of Imo, Osun and Kogi states respectively”.