Must Read! Shocking Reason Why Ebonyi Man Married His Dead Wife

Onyema Orji from Ebonyi state was forced to ‘officially’ marry his dead wife, Blessing so that he could take custody of his children.


New Telegraph reports that Orji had divorced Blessing on the ground that her mother was interfering with their marriage. Moreover, the woman even forced her daughter to marry another man.

The marriage between Blessing and Orji produced children including twins. After a brief illness, the woman died and failed to give birth to any child in her second marriage.

After her death, Orji reportedly visited the family of the deceased intending to take home his children.

However, he was told by her family that if he wanted to claim the children, he had to perform the traditional marriage rites on the late Blessing. The member of the family insisted on the ceremony since Orji had not performed the rites when they were married.

Desperate man had no choice but to agree with the conditions so that he could take his children home.

It was gathered that later Orji performed the traditional marriage rite on his ex-wife who was lying motionless inside casket awaiting the burial. He again wedded Blessing and subsequently was allowed to take care of his own children.

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  • Lies, i live in the same yard with onyema and blessing, my mom even went for the burial. People can be hearthless, that editor must be jailed.

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