Nigeria Conducts Simulation Exercise To Counter Nuclear Disaster


The Nigeria Security and Civil Defence Corps has conducted drills to deal with nuclear disaster that may arise in the country.

The NSCDC said Saturday training of officers of the Chemical, Biological, Radiological and Nuclear Unit, a specialised unit of the corps, had since begun.

“The specialised unit, established to tackle emergency situations related to chemical poisoning and nuclear explosions, has also carried out a simulation exercise as part of its operational strategy,” the corps said in a statement.

The statement, signed by spokesperson Emmanuel Okeh, said simulation exercise was carried out in collaboration with the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) and the Nigeria Nuclear and Regulatory Agency.

He said that the theme of simulation, “Transportation accident involving a radioactive source”, was meant to prepare officials, especially as Nigeria gears towards the use of nuclear plants to generate electricity.

“The Commandant-General of the Corps, Dr Ade Abolurin, has also stressed the importance of the unit, and called for awareness on the destructive tendencies of nuclear energy if not well managed”, he said.

“We are also doing a lot to sensitise the public on the different dimensions of crime, which now involves the use of chemicals, bombs and other dangerous substances”, the statement added

He quoted, Pablo Jerez of the IAEA, as pledging the support of the agency to the NSCDC, especially as regards provision of operational tools and equipment.

“We are also ready to partner with relevant stakeholders so as to be able to prevent and tackle any form of chemical, radiological and nuclear disaster in the country”, he said.



  1. Hahaahahahahahahaa, living the substance, pursuing the shadow. They should rather be trained on how to tackle terrorism, that is a monster that has forcefully come to stay with us. We don’t have any likelihood of facing a nuclear threat.


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