Nigerian Teacher Stabbed In Bradford; Student Boasts About Stabbing Him On Facebook


After stabbing his Science teacher, Vincent Uzomah yesterday morning June 11 over a mobile phone, 14 year old Yusaf Khanny went on Facebook to boast shortly before he was arrested. You know what is even scarier? 38 people ‘liked’ his post! This is madness.

Source: LIB


  1. Why the hell do they protect these idiots?

    “The boy cannot be named for legal reasons” – his face is pixelated in the videos, also!

    I had to Google it to find his actual name and identity…no doubt that Google will remove these results to “protect” the dick head who stabbed the teacher…..

    However – the teacher is named with a photo published on every major news website – so why not publish the prick who stabbed him’s photo and details?


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