Non-payment of Workers’ Salary Across Nigeria May Ignite A Sort Of Arab Spring

Senator representing Bayelsa East Senatorial district Ben Murray-Bruce has warned the country against an Arab Spring-like revolution over non-payment of salaries.

In a series of tweets today, Murray-Bruce lamented the failure of some states to pay workers’ salary and urged the National Assembly to take action against such states.

“I am deeply sad some state workers have not been paid for over 10 months. I think FG should pay them and collect the money back at source,” he wrote.

“I think we are underestimating the issue of unpaid workers salary. It’s too widespread. If not checked it can ignite a kind of Arab Spring.

“Where states owe, should NASS intervene & enact laws empowering FG to deduct workers salary at source before remitting state’s allocations?”

Reacting to comments against his view that FG should pay workers and deduct from states’ allocation, the Silverbird Group’s chairman said: “Someone says the idea of FG deducting salary at source where states owe salary isn’t True Federalism. Is it True Fed for workers to starve?”

Murray-Bruce went further to raise another issue which may get him knocks from some Nigerians; he suggested merging of states.

“Since its clear many states cant pay salary without FG allocation, should we consider merging states especially as oil revenue is reducing?”

“It’s wrong to single out any one state on this owing workers salary. Half our states owe! Its a national emergency. Let’s discuss Solutions!” he wrote on Twitter.