[OPINION] Like Adams Oshiomhole, Go For That Pretty, Classy And Sophisticated Chick No Matter Your Looks And Financial Incapacitation By Reginald Lucky Chuks

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Ladies are like ‘books’ it takes ‘intelligent students’ I mean guys, to read and understand them. To some guys, ladies are very difficult to get, while to some, they are the easiest thing aside money which is very difficult to get. The set of guys who think ladies are difficult to get perceive them as demi-gods, a thought which kills their confidence to walk up to a lady and open a conversation. These set of guys get intimidated with a lady’s physical appearance and her add-ons, which makes them develop cold feet to exchange pleasantries let alone getting intimate.

Men who belong to this school of thought hide under the guise that they are either ugly, poor, or may not be up to the lady’s standard, which is actually a wrong impression about themselves. No woman is bigger than a man, no matter her status – it’s been originally designed by God that they be a lesser sex to the man, the moment a guy understands this fact; he can approach even a president’s daughter no matter his financial status, what matters most is making your feelings known to her, even if you face rejection, somewhere inside of her, she will appreciate your guts and might even fall for you later on because ladies love guys who never get intimidated by their status.

A lady is not created beautiful by God to intimidate a man; she is created to be appreciated by him, to be her partner and as a matter of fact her life partner. No matter how beautiful a woman is, she must be married by a man whether ugly or good looking. It is not all beautiful women who get married to handsome men, and being ugly does not stop a man from marrying a beautiful woman. A man can be ugly in looks and be ‘handsome’ in other things, when this is realised; he can never limit himself to getting which ever woman his heart desires.

Other things I mean a man can be ‘handsome’ in, is not particularly money, although it is very vital; not all women’s heart is won with money. A man is good looking and ‘rich’ based on his inner content, and this wins a lady’s confidence over. As a matter of fact, he may not get to spend a dime for a lady; rather, she’ll be the one doing so. One vital thing is that the man must always look presentable.

Ladies dress well with all the designer clothes, shoes, bags, perfumes etc to look good. It is for them to be noticed and appreciated by the opposite sex and not to intimidate them like many men assume. Truth is, a lady feels bad when she’s not either appreciated for her looks or not approached by a man- not minding whether he is ugly or good looking. In this part of the world, it is believed that only guys should woo ladies and not the other way round. Ladies love guys who have confidence to express themselves. A lady with class and all the luxuries of life would love a guy who has not got same luxury who mulls the courage to woo her not minding his status.

However, it is on a rare occasion that a lady walks up to a guy and expresses her feelings towards him, so never think that a lady you are in love with would come to ask you out no matter the green light you are showing her. It’s an african culture that a man should woo a woman and not the other way round and it is to remain that way till eternity.

On the final note, like Oshiomole, if there’s any pretty, classy and sophisticated chick your heart beats for, summon the courage to ask her out not minding your financial incapacitation, trust me even if she turns down your request, she sure will appreciate your guts as a man.

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