P-Square Haven’t Been To Church Since 2007; The Reason They Haven’t Gone Will Shock You


International Nigerian super duo, P-Square, have opened up on why they have not been to church for the past eight years.

In a recent chat with Nigerian Camera, the twins said whenever they attended church there was too much attention on them instead of God.

Each time we attend, other worshipers would not listen to the Pastor’s sermon again. All eyes will just be on us. Instead of praying, some people will even decide to be starring at us. We were not comfortable with that and thought we were distracting a lot of people from serving their God, so we said to ourselves that we should stop going” they said.

All men are equal before God, so we don’t encourage people to abandon their primary purpose of being in church because of us” they further said.

Do you think their excuse is good enough???


  1. The excuse is not good enough. they Can sit at the back if they don’t want to distract people instead of sitting in the front or in the middle where people wil notice them

  2. P-square, that should not be an excuse, 4 not going 2 church since 2007, my brothers you not the only celebrates that’s going 2 church.

  3. Dat not a reason 4 not serving ur God who made you the super stars you are 2day so better start going 2 church infact join a group 2 work 4 God for ur own gud……

  4. That is not a good reason for them to stop going to church for the past 8 years.bt is never to late for them to start nw

    • very useless and stupid escuse are they the only celebrities in nija they should beter turn to God or else.

  5. its a good excuse bt nt good enough for forsaking d gathering of d brethrens….d solution is for dem to join d church work-force bcox dey will be busy working rada dan sitting and coxing distractions bcox dem working as big as dey are is also a means of winning souls

  6. Well to me is never an excuse, becos if Christ shall come today is that wht they re going to tell God that pple re stiaring at them wen DEY came to church den God will clapp for Dem nd said well done my sons. My dear frds both of u re going striat to HELL I use capital letter for d hell.

  7. this excuse makes no sense, because i’v seen some celebrities hosting church service.( i.e akpororo)
    if ejike mbaka, t b joshua,chris oyakilomie etc will be at church everyday of their life, who is psquare.

  8. Assuming they’ve been regular in Church it won’t be a new thing, members would have gotten used to them. So the excuse is unaccepted

  9. Immediately they became super popular, they stopped going to church. I could remember their first album in which they sang senorita with their long necks and baggy clothes.now necks don short and well tailored clothes they lack no worldly things. How Dem no go forget God after all they sold their soul to the devil.

  10. Dats not the actual reason, are they the only stars that attends churches. Well we all know the have stuffs in their clothest. Does are just make up stories.aam not interested thou……..

  11. When they see trouble they will serve God who made them be what they are today,I wounder d type of foundation they will build for their childrenn wt out God

  12. Flimsy excuse indeed, who are they! JESUS went to church ‘the most popular human being ever lived’. Jonathan their then president went to church. They have compromised their xtian faith for something else. Remember ur money and whatever u get cannot save ur soul, unless u accept JESUS Christ as ur personal Lord and saviour. Keeping away from church will not help u to achieve that.

  13. This is simple,devil has taken their part or d duo has taken part of the devil am a muslim and I do not discriminate any religion aside from seeking power from underworld think the duo had seek power from underworld,well never to late for them.They av only solution,d solution is there in the duo heart or email me…….God brought out kind of liquid frm ur father to d body of mother for incubation,to d level of kicking in the womb finally u come to the world,God guild you from a day old till u knw right from wrong,he gave u the light or rays to knowing where ur destiny channelling finally u get to the point,but it might not be the final point hee might be planning g8ter hight 4 u.only if u drop what is deviating u frm whorshiping him.
    Remember u are nothing before him,nd it’s like u are god on ur own.Dear Twins P think twice as u not as famous as micheal jackson.Wish u all the best .Amid

  14. they are not serious, were they as popular as Jesus? they should have strife to be preachers so as to capture minds for God

  15. Let dem go n look 4 a beta lie 2 tell, d truth of d matter is dat dey have sold their souls 2 d devil, but dey are just trying 2 cover up wit dose unreasonable excuses.

  16. I really understand there excuses, but it’s not a reason not to go to church. Not going going to church for dat very reason means u are telling God dat he is wrong for making u d success dat u are today ( seeing urselves as gods). Korede bello said ‘ na Godwin’ watever u are today it’s God, I mean d almighty, d aristocratic dynasty, d supreme being, d creator of d heavens n earth …. Plz my brodas serve God n work for him. Let pple see u they ll get use to seein u. Finali see ursef as a nobody. Goodluck

  17. To me that is not worth to derail me from serving my God who created in me his own life.
    The duo should style up and start going to church to appreciate him what what he has done to them.

  18. For the fact that they don’t go to church does not mean they don’t serve God…going to church does not mean you serve God too…Their God lives in their HEARTS.

  19. Dat is nt a gud reason 4 u to stop serving GOD. Because other ppl ar lookin @ u… may be u ve forgotten dt is dt same GOD dt make u who u are nw… so many stars have been singing bt dey were nt recognized d way u guys are… but d lord still keep u guys going… since u think u ar distracting others in church y nt look for church dt d population is nt much…. moreva we are serving d same GOD.

  20. na only them be celebrity? other celebrities nko wen dey attend church every sunday. the excuse is not genuine. they know what they are avoiding in Church. May God forgive them

  21. Please! stop this lies..
    as big as They are, if they[P’square] stop working for the devil…… and start working for God Almighty their CREATOR as Church worker, dedicating their God given Talent to JESUS genuinely…. U will see that, many people will decide to serve God, seeing P’Square as big as they are cleaning The Church and the chairs…. Hmmm! even our so call leaders will av the Hunger to serve GOD Almighty………
    ADAMIC nature still in THEM [P’square]…
    they should accept their fault and start going to Church, not as BENCH WARMERS.
    A little word is enough for the the Wise!

  22. it’s only the DEMON which is devil himself distract people from GOD…..
    so! if they say: They’re causing distraction in the CHURCH of God…..
    Means that: THEY[P’square] Satan’s Agent.
    that’s all I av to say,
    and Please, Forgive my first Comment [CHAD GILBERT]. if U find anything BAD in It……..
    CHANGE ooooooooooooo

  23. it’s only the DEMON which is devil himself distract people from GOD…..
    so! if they say: They’re causing distraction in the CHURCH of God…..
    Means that: THEY[P’square] are Satan’s Agent.
    that’s all I av to say,
    and Please, Forgive my first Comment [CHAD GILBERT]. if U find anything BAD in It……..
    CHANGE ooooooooooooo
    Christian race is Personal.

  24. Let them go to a big church like winners or a big Angligan, Babtish, or Catholic or Redemption camp. no body will notice them

  25. @Amos baba Karib,are they the only celebrity? That is a right statement to qualify them. My own advice is that,they inform their pastor and there may be a way that their pastor will pass it across to their members. Or better still,they should look for another church worship if truly God is the source of their success.

  26. They must be crazy, oh oh Ooooo you have miss the mark are you saying you are above God? What do you think you are doing? You better repent or hell is waiting for you if you die a sinner.

  27. Mr Psqare, it will be unfortunate for u to forget ur 1st album were u sing to praise God n telling us a story story, title” “I have a story” n u are now seeing the God as whom u cannot serve now…well. like the bible says salvation is person n never forget wen Jesus Come today u have know gud exscus to give rather u are going to hell…..so……pls make a gr8 discision now that u are still alive. tx

  28. They should even join the church choir! And they should not forget that it is God who gives and takes. I pray God will never allow you to suffer again. Amen!

  29. Shit!..like they are the first stars to be in a church,they should look for a church were no 1 gives a fuck about then, a church were fellow stars and rich people goes,#TPH

  30. Pls, d Ps. Start going 2 church bcos, if u die 2day u both are going 2 HELL. God is no respecter of anybody (Heb10:25) It is a command 4rm God.

  31. A preacher once said a prominent Nigerian declared one day and said ” well, I expect when ever I come to the church, a pastor will preach until my elbow is broken down, instead of receiving the bullets of pastors, I will be receiving their praises” yes that is the generation we are. a generation where materialism, politics, fame, covetousness, tusling for power have crept the church. the church has turned wordly, the world has turned churches. so, there is know parallel line between both. my emphasis is that, churches nowadays do not help matter, churches contributed immensely in falling the standard of God and humanity. That is, their excuse is genuine but not enough to abandon God for the past eight years. if Christ comes now are u convinced this your excuse will be genuine in his sight? Think of this bro. God bless as u retrace or steps back

  32. Jesus went to church, the most popular human being ever liveD. Jonathan our former pres went to church. Who are they not to go to church bc of peolple, flimsy excuse!. They must have compromised their xtian faith for smtin else. Not going to church will certainly not help ur heavenly race, the ultimate. Ur wealth and all u think u have will varnish one day. Be wise!


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