PDP Hails Edo Tribunal Ruling, Urges Lagos Tribunal To Take Cue

PDP1The Peoples Democratic Party in Lagos State has hailed the outcome of the Edo State House of Assembly election petitions tribunal, which declared a PDP candidate winner of the election.

The panel had decided the case on the neglect of the All Progressives Congress to conduct its primary given the 21-day notice as prescribed in Section 85 of the Electoral Act.

Commending the judgment, the Lagos PDP particularly noted that the judgment came about because of the “readiness and sincerity of the panelists” to do justice according to the requirements of the law.

In a statement issued on Sunday by its Publicity Secretary, Taofik Gani, the party said it would want the panelists in the governorship and House of Assembly tribunals in Lagos to carry out justice according to the laws.

“We welcome the Edo judgment because first, it has further strengthened our election jurisprudence that laws and guidelines meant for elections to guarantee fair play must be sacrosanct and observed, irrespective of the players.

“Second, it is exciting to us because the same contraption also occurred in Lagos State and we expect that the panelists will also do justice and eschew any issue of technicality aimed at circumventing justice”, the statement said.


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