Pharrell Williams – “Adele Is My Most Admired Artist In The World”


Ever-young American act and 11 time Grammy awards winner, Pharrell Williams doesn’t consider himself as his most admired artist in the world.

In a chat at the Cannes Lions festival on Tuesday, June 23, Pharrell revealed that the artist he most admires is British singer, Adele.

In a packed auditorium on stage being interviewed by American Idol host, Ryan Seacrest, Pharrell, 42, revealed to the audience that Adele is a ‘masterful writer’.

When asked which artist today was ‘getting it right’, the Happy producer replied: ”Without a doubt, Adele. I just think she is a masterful writer, if you listen to her album, it lives and breathes.”

Seacrest then asked: ”Have you seen her recently?” To which Pharrell replied with a smile: ”Yes.” But did not say if they’ll be doing a song together any time soon.

After a huge round of applause from the audience, Pharrell said the Rolling In The Deep singer, whose 21 is the biggest-selling album of the decade to date in the UK at more than 4.75 million copies, was very rare, but admitted that she doesn’t engage with the public very often.



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