Prophet Joshua Iginla Gives Fathia Balogun, Zack Orji, Tope Alabi, Larry Koldsweat, 17 Others New Cars [PHOTOS]


This is a press statement sent to me from a publicist probably working for the prophet.

“Brother Joshua Iginla has done it again. Just now in a birthday Thanksgiving service which also commemorate the launching of 33 books and his 25 year anniversary behind the pulpit, the amiable clergy dashed out 22 new cars to Fathia Balogun, Funsho Adeolu, Zack orji, Tope Alabi, Larry Koldsweat, Ireti oshayemi and 16 others. He gave Funsho Adeolu and Fathia Balogun a Toyota Camry each, an SUV to Zack orji, Mazda to Larry Koldsweat and an exotic car to Tope Alabi. Details shortly – photos attached.


  1. I don’t believe in this type of pastors, why not help the less privilege instead of pouring water into the sea again? This is absolutely nonsense….

    • The Man of God you re referring to here Bro. Joshua Iginla has visited the poor, less privilege, and orphanage and he even did more than this on each visit, which you can even watch on champions TV, so keep quiet if you have nothing to say and keep watching champions tv to see how he his mightily impacting and blessing people’s life and next time if u don’t know a man story don’t judge his glory.

  2. This should be one of the craziest news in this year, 2015 and one of the most foolish things to have been done by a clergy if it’s true! Does he have a political ambition or upon what premise did he choose to give, not to the poor: widows or orphans but to those who have surplus? In fact, aren’t there missionaries on the missions’ field who are in dire need of money to feed and carry out some kingdom assignments and projects? Or is it that everybody in his church is rich and at such, no needy person to assist financially, materially and otherwise? Do all members of his church have cars that he’s now chosen to give the surplus out to stars? Maybe “it was God that told him to do it”. It is well!!

  3. Bad belle ! Bro. Joshua Iginla is not an everyday Pastor but a Prophet ! He has no poltical ambition , he hears God and obeys his word , while God makes the provision !


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