Read And Learn: 5 Things You Should Never Say To A Woman During Her Period


1. What’s Wrong: Really? do you need to ask that? Obviously she is having her period and its painful, makes her cranky and ohh! so bloated. She is just not very comfortable and that doesn’t mean you will keep asking what’s wrong. Just try and ’empathize’ with her.

2. “You look tired” : Of cos, she is. She doesn’t just look tired she is really tired… You don’t expect to be active and strong a usual. Bleeding buckets and those killer cramps accompanied with excruciating back ache is bound to show on her face.

3. “Let’s go party; it will make you feel better!” : whoa!! You must be crazy to think like that. With that swollen tummy and painful back, you don’t expect her to wear fancy dresses and high heels.

4. “I guess we should talk later, after your period is over”: You Should never ever think of saying this, did you just mean that when she’s having her period she looses value?. There are things you say which she can easily forget, but not this. Never make her feel rejected.

5. ” Sorry, but I am irritated by the sight of blood.”: No way and no way will you ever say that to a woman. She doesn’t get her period by choice and this time of the month all she needs is your tender love and care. Trust us by saying this you will only rub her the wrong way. Even if you hate the sight of blood, you don’t have to make it that obvious to her.



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