Shina Peller Shuts Down Quilox Night Club For A Month


Rich businessman, Shina Peller has announced his decision to shut down the celebrity hangout — Quilox Night Club

Peller announced the decision that his management are planning to shut down operations and business for one month.

With an assurance of a re-opening on July 24, 2015, Peller said the one month closure is to enable the night club undergo a rest period while reforms and new facilities are installed for the kick off of the second half of the clubbing year.


According to Shina Peller, who took to his Instagram account to make the announcement, ‘The break is part of the club’s unique schedule, which makes room for two clubbing seasons in a calendar year with a one month break in-between.’

Quilox boss, Shina Peller welcoming D'banj as he arrives the night club for his birthday party


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