SHOCKER | Aisha Buhari’s Inauguration Wristwatch Cost £34,500 (N10, 453,000) | Photos

Investigations on Monday revealed that Aisha Buhari, wife of the President of Nigeria wore a Cartier Baignoire Folle 18-Carat White Gold Diamond Ladies Watch that cost £34,500 to President Muhammadu Buhari’s inauguration on Friday, May 29 2015.


The equivalent of this at the current Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) foreign exchange rate of N303 to £1 is N10, 453, 000 (Ten Million, Four Hundred and Fifty Three Thousand Naira).


The Cartier Baignoire Folle 18-Carat White Gold Diamond Ladies Watch comes in a case made of rhodiumised white gold set with brilliant-cut diamonds. On the side of the case is an octagonal crown set with a diamond. The case is 44mm high, 35mm wide and 10mm thick and is covered by glare-proof sapphire crystal glass.

President Muhamdu Buhari was elected riding on the wave of strong anti-corruption, integrity and pro-masses sentiment.

This shocking extravagance by Mrs. Buhari runs contrary to earlier indications that the Buharis are modest and the President, a pastoral farmer with 150 cows, barely raised the money to pay for his presidential nomination form.

Many Nigerians have expressed confidence in the ability of the new President to fight corruption by cutting government waste and running a lean government.

Again, Buhari’s appointment on Sunday of two Spokesmen has drawn criticisms from some Nigerians who say one spokesperson is enough for a Government that preaches change and a radical departure from the alleged wastage of past administrations.




  • Guys.Let me tell you.Corruption is not a nature.Its a system.It has already caught Buhari,his wife,Cabinet and All APC.know matter the amount of Change they Shout…

    • It is laughable though very annoying when I hear Nigerians call corruption a normal thing yet we all want a better Nigeria. Make God help us.

      • The Writer is a devil. Through investigation from America the cost of that wrist watch is $219.00 only. Let the writer value the one David mark presented to the daughter of GEJ for her marriage.

  • Wonderful,corruption is a normally phenomena of Nigeria system, I’m been bias when hearing Buhari say change!!! What is change Nigeria. I can boldly say that the president that will transform this country is not available. When I see the national anthem I marvel, this does not suppose to be a Nigeria anthem.I pray that God will save us from corruption.

  • In as much as I don’t believe in d ‘change’ mantra, its obvious dt Mrs Buhari ddnt steal money to buy d watch. Might as well be a gift.Mrs Buhari had d largest spa parlour/institute in Nigeria, she isn’t a pauper.extravagance is what I don’t suppoert though.

  • But what’s this rubbish about the prize of her wristwatch? In less than 24hrs of His inauguration, nigerians are already trying to fault his administration. What can one ever do to please this country? You guys should please let this man concentrate.

    • But he is our leader. What he does we will be tempted to do. So leading by example should complement the change campaign. Ok?

  • I wonder why u ppl can’t be reasonable for once, we all know that one thing about women is to buy gold and most of them see it as a means of saving money I don’t see anything bad in this woman buying that kind of jewellery….those that. Means she used Nigeria money for that?

  • Well I do not see d need for an argument on did issue. The Buaris been a modest family does not mean they are poor or do not have taste for good things. Also it does not connote that he cannot or does not have d will power to fight corruption. Don’t forget they have not started spending the states money. So it could be there money or a gift.

  • My advice to the ignorance comentators. Aisha is not from poor family like you. She was held from RIbado’s family, I mean Alhaji Ribado the First Minister of Defence in Nigeria. Neither Buhari or his family is poor. My question to you….who is Mr. Jonathan and Madam Patience in Nigeria before 1999 Election??????


    • No one is saying that she bought this watch with state funds. As someone stated above this could have been a gift. But the point is this, if it was a gift, what’s the reason for such expensive gift to the wife of the incoming president? I remember the noise that was made when a construction company built a church as a gift in Bayelsa state.

      @Bature, stated that she is from Alhaji Ribado’s family, a former defense minister, please tell us as defense minister, what was his salary. Being a defense minister will not make you rich unless you have engaged in some corrupt practices.

      If you come out now to tell us that Buhari is not poor, then you are contradicting the president, because he told all Nigerians that he was a poor man and that he had to borrow the fees required for the presidential nomination form. I remember too the hype that was made about ex-president Jonathan as having had shoes when he got our votes by making us believe he was from an poor back ground having no shoes.

      I read this post in disbelief but I am watching and wishing Nigeria and Nigerians the best. Let’s allow the president to settle and work to keep his electioneering promises but also we need to be sure that we have not be taken for a ride on the back of some false representation.

  • Na waw 4 nigerians d man ve nt even stay in office 4 a week bt u guys are already saying he’s using d country’s money. Being a pastoral farmer does’nt make him poor n beside Aisha is rich enough to own dat wristwatch.

  • Nigerian are not satisfied with anything. Because Buhari is now the president of Nigeria does not mean that he had nothing before he became the president. Because he is a pastoral farmer does not make him or his wife someone that can not afford to buy some luxury things for themselves.

  • I admire most of the comments here,cos we shouldn’t let just a story by a media outlet divert us easily, this is just a story without a single proof and some people have already fall for it everyone can write a story but real source should come along with a proof what was the source of the price of the watch? Bt anyway go and search the real price of the watch from the maker’s site http://www.kowatches.Co/cartier-baignoire

  • dnt kno hw sm pple think.wots d big deal if she wores dat wrst watch.thank God she wore it now to show u pple dat dey can afford smthn lyk cn b a gift, bt woteva it is she wores it on inauguration day not som few weeks afta…

  • Thank God our first lady wore dat kind of wrist watch b4 it’s too late because had been she put it on just a month after inauguration “haaaaa” some mumu people for 9ja will chop her raw.. PDP die hard fans no wan gree say, their leaders did noting 2 dis country but 2 turn it upside down 4 d past 16yrs..

  • Nawa for nigerians!kai d life of nigerian ppl is totally different anyway we are never greatful to God talkless of man but wat will be will be those against him should go to hell and burn to liquid not ashes stupid nigerians wit the heart of devil .(Sai baba wallahi sai buhari )Allah ya yarda we are mega greatful Allah

  • Thank God it was on an inauguration day to show you that the Buharis are wealthy on their own and not depending on state monies.Another way of asset declaration you know?Or do you want to see your president and his wife in rags?Remember they are representing Nigeria

  • @Kola you make sense.
    In ny opinion, if that watch is a gift what is the meaning attached to it?
    Secondly, If she bought that with her mini or husband’s I think it is too expensive judging from what the husband told Nigerians during election.
    The first lady of any society must dress well and neat,wear the best but not over the top price things. Someone said Aishat is from a rich family where did that wealth starts from. We are all praying to God to make us the pillar of our family,uncle Jonah started his own Na where god say their name go start b dat ibeg no vex.

  • Whoever is publishing this is obviously jobless. And I think you should get busy and find something more valuable to do. Let God have his way. God and succefully manage your immediate family and stop critising our leaders

  • she must b part of nigeria problem.her husband never seatdown finish,where/when/how will corruption ends in nigeria????

  • Unless it can be proved the wrist watch is bought with state funds, i see no big deals. The woman is a beatician, trained in Paris, the watch goes with the image of her profession.

  • weather d watch is 10m or 100m it shud nt b ur business. she is not a thief. that beautiful woman has beauty parlour DAT is d biggest in Nigeria. some one who has studied in d united kingdom,Dubai to mention a few. wars you people’s problem. thank God she has her wristwatch b4 her husband was even sworn in as d president b4 jobless people will start saying is Nigerian money.

  • Let me ask, how many spokesmen has been in that office before Buhari ? And of
    the watch, the woman may be able to afford it but our initial impressions on the family was that such would be too much if truly the price is that much. Buhari should see this message as a check not to deviate from his promises .

  • Its now obvious that president buhari an his entire family hav use prank on us,bcos during the presidential election he couldn’t afford the £25m nomination formed .he loan money from the bank which nigerians are aware.nw if the wife hav such amount buy only a wristwatch why didn’t she give her husband the money an add with what he had so that it wil enable him go for formed.hmm thnk GOD nigerians are watching,we need a drastic opposition to monitor this ppl.

  • Salam,
    What ever you do people still talk, Hajjah fear Allah and concentrate on assit Your husband on running the affairs of our dear country.

  • Salam,
    What ever you do people still talk, Hajjah fear Allah and concentrate on assitg Your husband on running the affairs of our dear country.

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