TRAGIC: Read How Soldiers In Delta State Executed A Police Informant In Broad Day Light

A police informant by the name of Benson Ogedegbe was executed in Delta state by Lance Corporal Obinna of the 19th Battalion, stationed at the Koko Military Base in in Delta State in broad day light in front of eye witnesses.


According to Sahara reporters, a senior police officer said Odedegbe was executed on the orders of of his Commanding Officer, Lieutenant-Colonel Umar. Colonel Aminu Umar is also stationed at Koko Military Base.

Also present when Ogedegbe’s was killed was one Captain Femi and three other officers.

Witnesses said Lance Corporal Obinna, Captain Femi, and three other military officials followed Ogedegbe on an expressway and mad him stop by shooting at his car. After the informant stopped he was pulled out of his car and beaten and executed in full glare of witnesses.


Investigations revealed that the deceased was a Chairman of a Vigilante Group, and a police informant who had been exposing members of the 19th Battalion working with, and protecting, criminal gangs in Ethiope West Local Government Area of Delta state.

While the primary mission of the 19th Battalion at Koko base is to protect the oil pipelines in the area from theft, sabotage, and damage, residents and police officers, claim that the soldiers at Koko Military Base had a history of terrorizing the community with impunity for several years.

It was also gathered that  a local crime boss named Onoriode “Onos” Okoribo, arrived the area about two years ago and had been operating with the open protection and collaboration of the military. He was the brains behind numerous kidnappings, robbery and assassinations in the area.

Community members described Ogedegbe as a trusted police informant who reported on criminal activities in his area

A police officer told Sahara Reporters: “He gave us information on the activities of Onos and his connection to members of the 19th Battalion.” 



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