UNBELIEVABLE!!! Stolen SUV Stumbles During Chase, Lands Upright And Keeps Driving


A Texas police department shared video of a stolen sport-utility vehicle rolling while fleeing pursuit and attempting to drive off after landing upright. Scoop has more:

The Pasadena Police Department said the video, posted to Facebook as part of a recruitment drive, was recorded by a patrol car’s dashboard camera June 9 while “in a high-speed pursuit” with suspects in a stolen SUV.  The video shows the SUV roll over and land upright, leading the suspects to attempt to speed off through a gas station.

However, the rollover engaged the vehicle’s shutoff valve, bringing the chase to an end. The four suspects inside the SUV were arrested. Police said they were not injured.

“As you may have heard….we are hiring. I wanted to share one of the ‘crazy’ moments that sometimes happens in this line of work. Last week some of our officers were pursuing a stolen vehicle and then…..this happened…..just watch!!” the Facebook post reads.

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