Van Vicker Pays A Visit To His Motherland + Celebrates With Liberian Youths


Famous veteran actor, Van Vicker seems to be having a good time in his motherland, Liberia.

Van Vicker who was invited to mark the 40th anniversary of the Federation of Liberian Youth (FLY) also participated in a nearly three miles walk to meet with Ebola survivors at the JFK hospital on May 31.

The movie star took to his Instagram to keep his 166,000  followers abreast with his activities by posting a photo showing him hugging some of the survivors. He captioned:

”I practically proved a point in Liberia by hugging Ebola survivors to debunk stigmatization in the society. These individuals living here have been traumatized and all they need is nothing but love and affection. We are all one people. God bless Liberia.”

Vicker also took part in a charity football game where he had the chance to meet and greet young fans who have dreams and goals to meet.

”The soccer game was so energized I couldn’t play 20 mins running time. Lol. It ended up as a penalty shoot out though and yes,I scored the winning penalty,” Van excitedly informed his fans.