Veteran Comedian, Alibaba Fires Nigerian Leaders For Killing Nigeria’s Tourism Potentials


Veteran Nigerian comedian, Alibaba went on his Instagram page to lash out at the Nigerian government and how they ruined the countries tourism sector with their ‘Oil share syndrome and politics’.


According to him,

‘With all the resources, land, water, people, natural privileges, it’s a huge shame not to be on this list! Thanks to crude oil and stupid leaders! Allshare syndrome of the oil share has killed our economy and development in all sectors. Politics is the only vibrant sector. Thieves! And when the stakeholders have golden opportunities to ask vital questions that will grow the sector, they will be lapping up handouts and avoiding the vitals. What is Desert Safari? The sand, the ride, the sunset, the Falcon show, the pictures, the camels, the belly dancer, the horrible dinner, 5000 Dhs X 5m people… Year in year out! Is it the boat cruise? The malls? The water fountain musicals?… It’s so annoying… How dollar go come down?’




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