Will Smith’s Wife, Jada Confesses To Kissing Another Woman


You’d recall that just months ago, Jada Pinkett Smith opened up on the fact that her and her husband are in an open relationship.

Her latest revelation is that she and ‘Hunger Games’ actress, Elizabeth Banks had a great kiss while filming the much anticipated ‘Magic Mike XXL’.

The veteran actress admitted the kissing scene did not make the final cut of the movie but it was a good kiss, in fact the best she’s ever had on TV.

”It was a very nice smooch and I was very mad that they took it out of the movie. It is probably one of the best on-screen smooches I have ever had,” Jada said, laughing.

The mother of two continued with a list of the best female on-screen kisses she’s had over the years: ”The girls always give me the best kisses… Monica Bellucci gave me a good kiss [in Enter the Matrix], Elizabeth Banks gave me an even better one. I am sorry it’s not in the movie. I hope it is in the director’s cut,” Jada said.

While it’s unfortunate that the best on-screen kiss Jada ever had didn’t make it into the theatrical cut, there’s hope it might end up in the DVD.

The stripper-filled sequel hits theaters July 1.

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