Woman Pregnant With Twins Continues Weightlifting Despite Criticism | PHOTOS

A woman pregnant with twins who is obsessed with lifting weights has become the subject of harsh criticism online but is not going to stop her hobby.

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Sophie Guidolin, 26, currently works out three times per week, and is back to weightlifting after taking it easier in the earlier stages of her pregnancy. Surpisingly, the woman’s obstetrician also let her continue the workout regime. Now she performes under the watchful eye of her husband Nathan, a strength and conditioning coach.


After she posted a picture lifting 30 kilogram weights online, dozens of angry commentators flooded her Facebook page saying it could lead to miscarriage and can harm her unborn children. Trying to explain her position, the mother of two, said: “There are so many myths and so much fear behind working out while pregnant.

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Miscarriage can be caused by so many things, but people associate it with exercise. The pros of exercising during pregnancy definitely outweigh the cons. I really hope that pregnant women understand the benefits of exercising and a healthy lifestyle while pregnant.” 

Sophie is a responsible mother, she monitores her heart rate and takes long rest periods, adding that she is now feeling a lot healthier and more energetic than during her previous pregnancy.

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