10 Problems Bananas Solve Better Than Conventional Medications

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Recent studies have found that bananas regulate menstrual cycle and increase body strength. Bananas also provide a strong protection against various diseases, due to their high fiber content.

Here are ten specific problems that a banana can solve better than conventional pills:

1. Bananas provide an excellent source of energy whichis why athletes love them.

2. They are high in amino acids; this will keep you happy and relieve your stress. Magnesium and calcium protect against depression.

3. Bananas are rich in calcium and contain just a tiny bit of salt which is amazing for your heart health and also aids in the treatment of hypertension.

4. Eat a banana a day to improve your memory.

5. Bananas are packed with iron which increases hemoglobin level and helps in treating anemia.

6. Eat more bananas to regulate your hormoneproduction.

7. Bananas are great for pregnant women, as they help in relieving morning sickness and maintaining a balanced blood sugar level.

8. This fruit creates a special layer in the stomach and reduces the chances of stomach ulcers. Bananas alsoregulate the production of stomach acids.

9. Bananas contain six vitamins that are of key importance for blood glucose.

10. Eating a banana in the morning prevents constipation, due to its high fiber content.

Source: www.healthyfoodteam.com