3 Sure-Fire Ways To SKILLFULLY Win Over Your Stepkids


Being a stepmom doesn’t have to be SO difficult …

The stigma of the evil stepmother has existed for centuries.

Here are three skillful ways to fend off that evil stepmother persona and really connect with your new (step)kids:

1. Let The Stepkids Jump-Start The Bonding

You may be willing to start a relationship right away or assume that one already exists, but every kid is different. Some may be willing to get to know you because they’re outgoing, while others may be shy. Some may be excited to have you as a new family member, while others may harbor resentment or jealousy. If that’s the case, let the kids make the step to get to know/bond with you and go from there.

“If you come on too strong, they may feel suspicious of you. So I say let the kids take lead, and let the relationship develop naturally.”

2. Have One-On-One Time With Your Stepkids

Try to schedule family time together (even if it’s just having family dinners or grocery shopping together) because you can learn SO much about each other and get used to having each other around. Try to find out their hobbies so you can bond over things they like to do. This creates a sense of security between you and them.

3. Be Their “Friend Mom”

we suggest they call you this more caring and loving name rather than “stepmom”. When they’re comfortable with you, your stepkids will be able to see you as a fun-loving support system, rather than their competition. They’ll be comfortable discussing things that they want you to do for them to grow a better relationship, instead of harboring resentment and anger passive aggressively.

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